Hans-Peter Teufers (Director of International Programs, UPS Foundation)

In the build up to Aid&Trade 2019 we spoke to Hans-Peter Teufers, Director of International Programs at The UPS Foundation. He will be speaking in our the Logistics and Fleet Thematic Theatre about the challenges affecting logistics in the humanitarian sector. 
Within the logistic sector, how is the humanitarian aid changing?
The key focus is on last mile logistics, therefore projects tend to go this way; Aid changed over the past few years from simple offering in-kind transportation within the settings of established supply chains, towards capacity building projects where logisticians helped to develop and re-engineer complex supply chains according to today’s standards. Examples are a WFP project on food distribution that will include block chain technology or – for support of a state’s healthcare infrastructure - the drone project together with GAVI and Zipline in Rwanda.
What are the major challenges affecting the humanitarian sector?
Building effective healthcare infrastructures that on one hand achieve the quality standards countries need in this highly sensible area and on the other hand cooperate effectively to make use of the strengths the Private Sector could bring to the table – this especially in PPPs. Another challenge is effective data infrastructure that can be used for planning purposes and  offers the right data for ERP-systems without overwhelming infrastructure and increasing costs.
If you could change one thing within the logistic sector to help humanitarian aid what would it be?
60-70 percent of every dollar spent in Humanitarian Relief is spent on logistics. This is mainly tax payers’ money and donations. Therefore humanitarian aid should have the highest standard in supply chains with leading edge technology and a high standardization level. Not only necessary to fulfil donor requirement on efficiency but as well achieve the SDGs or at least make significant steps forward.
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