At the heart of Aid&Trade London 2018 is 'Investing in Humanity', providing international organisations with solutions and services to help them manage humanitarian operations efficiently and effectively and an opportunity for aid organisations to create vital partnerships.

Delivering effective aid and promoting sustained development was never a simple task, but current challenges reached exponential levels of complexity. Organisations are dealing with internal restructuring and doubts about funding, while high commitments as the Agenda for Humanity and the Sustainable Development Goals coexist with a scenario where two billion people live in countries where development is undermined by fragility, conflict, and violence.

Business as usual is not enough. It is time to connect with new players, unlock potentials, reshape the system. Under the theme Investing in Humanity, Aid and Trade London is a call for action and a platform bringing together the global aid and development community to facilitate cost-effective and sustained solutions. As the official organisers of the United Nations’ World Humanitarian Summit, we know how to make it happen by putting the right people in the right place.

On the conference side, high level speakers will present ideas on how to approach puzzling challenges in policymaking.  The Exhibition Hall will be the perfect place to meet new people and to be introduced to innovative products and ideas which are already making difference on the ground.  

All this happening in London, the hub where global stakeholders reunite and big decisions are made.

Join us and take part in this unique event and be part of the movement which will reshape the agenda for development and humanitarian aid.

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