International Development

There has never been enough humanitarian funding. Needs have always gone unmet, and the international community has long sought ways to fix this problem. Yet there now appear to be renewed attention and energy for change. This is prompted by the sense that humanitarian assistance is at a critical juncture: inadequate resources are being over-stretched to cover a wider scope of needs, in a greater number of crises. Finance & Funding Theatre will discuss the main challenges and opportunities in this framework.

Agenda Highlights
Session 1: Transition from Relief to Development: Advancing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Crisis Contexts. (Where is Sustainable Development Headed? Implementing SDGs:  Policies Needed and Barriers to Overcome)
Session 2: Redesigning Aid Architecture and Improving Aid Effectiveness: Overcoming kleptocracies and Corruption.
Session 3: Rethinking Partnerships. New Models on fundraising
Session 4: Improving Aid Transparency and Mutual Accountability of Donors and Recipients
Session 6: The Role of the Private Sector in International Development and Achieving the SDGs: Mobilise Companies to use their Core Business and Skills to Create Jobs and Stimulate Growth
Session 7: Beyond Official Development Assistance (ODA): Philanthropy and Remittances, International Development


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