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Our Thematic Theatres & Side Events give you the opportunity to highlight you, or your company’s expertise in the humanitarian field.

You can talk about how you have brought innovation to humanitarian aid, gained efficiency through a new practice or overcame challenges.

Speak with and to the leading NGOs, Aid Organisations, Government Agencies and share your knowledge.

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We're looking for speakers across the following areas:


Food, WASH & Shelter

An unprecedented 65.5 million people around the world have been forced from home, including 22.5 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of eighteen. Meanwhile, a third of the world’s population – some 2.4 billion – do not use improved sanitation facilities and hunger still remain as one of the biggest challenges of our era. 

ICT: Tech for Good

Discussions will focus on how ICT is helping the worlds humanitarian efforts, from increasing efficiencies, apply blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence and much more.

International Development

From new business models shaping international development to the transition from relief to development and how the private sector is helping international development, you can share your knowledge with the industry.

Human Resources

Recruitment, Retention, Engagement, Leadership: how are organisations overcoming and managing HR challenges in humanitarian aid? Is your organisation improving the work and life balance or building trust and increasing accountability.

Logistics and Fleet

Transparency; Accountability; Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: How are digital technologies changing supply chain management? Discuss this, or how leaders are overcoming the many challenges affecting the sector.

Finance and Funding

Inadequate resources are being over-stretched to cover a wider scope of needs, in a greater number of crises. Discuss how the public and private sector are unlocking finance, from blockchain to Islamic Finance.


Energy is an essential factor for sustainable development and poverty eradication; yet, 1.1 billion people do not have access to electricity. How can we deliver affordable, reliable and modern energy services for humanitarian aid?  


How you bring Innovation to the Humanitarian Sector? With the need for humanitarian aid growing rapidly and finance in short supply, it’s clear that radical innovation is required in the humanitarian sector.