Human Resources

At HR Theatre, we will look at the various stakeholder perspectives on the value of HR in humanitarian response from affected communities to internal management. Monitoring the performance of the HR function at different stages of a disaster response, safeguarding and transparency are within the scope of this theatre. 

Agenda Highlights
Session 1: Overcoming HR Challenges in Managing Human Resources for Humanitarian Aid (Recruitment, Retention, Engagement, Leadership)
Session 2: Training for Humanitarian Aid Workers: Providing Effective Learning and Development Strategies and Opportunities to Improve Local Capacity and Skills
Session 3: Safety and Security: Protecting and Safeguarding Humanitarian & Aid Workers on the Field
Session 4: Maintaining NGO Values (such as Voluntarism) while Professionalising the Workforce and adopting the DNA of Business (Professionalism/Voluntarism and For-Profit/Non-Profit)
Session 5: Assessing and Improving the Work and Life Balance of the Humanitarian Staff (Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing of Aid Workers)
Session 6: Rebuilding Trust and Increasing Accountability (to Prevent Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Harassment of and by Humanitarian Staff) Logistics and Fleet Theatre To be re-shaped


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