The significance of developing technological solutions is making sure that those solutions are used to assist and shape humanitarian action. A theme strongly identified, ranging from the use of social media in humanitarian response to mobile phones as a platform for aid, was that of not only providing people with the means to communicate but also acting on the information they provide.

ICT Theatre at Aid&Trade London will showcase solutions that highlight how digital transformation has made humanitarian response more efficient and effective.

Agenda Highlights
Session 1: Transforming the Humanitarian Action with Next Generation Technology: How to Increase the Efficiency and Productivity of Humanitarian organizations efforts
Session 2: Collecting and Analysing Data to Improve Humanitarian Response. Bringing Big Data into Aid.
Session 3: Applying Blockchain Technologies to Humanitarian Aid Efforts
Session 4: To be confirmed
Session 5: Artificial Intelligence for Humanitarian Aid
Session 6: Communications Support for Disaster Response and Humanitarian Projects, Satellite communication) When Connectivity Saves Lives
Session 7: The Power of Strategic Partnerships: Scaling Humanitarian ICT Solutions
Session 8: Drone Technologies


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