Logistics & Fleet

Logistics is the cornerstone of aid delivery and disaster response - and the second largest budget cost for humanitarian organisations. Humanitarian logistics specialises in the movement of aid resources to an affected area to mitigate the consequences of an emergency or natural disaster.

Logistics & Fleet Theatre at Aid&Trade London will discuss the challenges in procurement, supply chain, fleet and movement. Humanitarian logistics is an area where industry has a real opportunity to make difference to the lives of people in need around the world.  

Agenda Highlights
Session 1: Fleet Procurement: Achieving Important Principles of Humanitarian Logistics Procurement:

Session 2: Humanitarian operations:  Overcoming the Challenge of Fleet Management

Session 3: Humanitarian Logistics centres, (“Panama Humanitarian Hub” for Rapid Attention in Cases of Disasters)

Session 4: Humanitarian Corridors

Session 5: How can Outsourcing of Fleet Management Activities Influence Humanitarian Logistics? What can a Global Logistics Service Providers, with extensive Resources and Experience in providing Supply Chain Solutions offer in terms of Humanitarian Fleet management activities?


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